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Convenient, accessible and easy charging with chargEV app

Managing your EV charging needs just got easier with chargEV mobile app. Designed for users of our charging network, the app offers a seamless and convenient experience for locating, reserving, and paying for charging sessions.

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Features of chargEV App

  • Simple, easy to use and intuitive EV mobile app
  • Ability to configure payment method
  • Advanced filters to search & locate charging stations by availability, power rating, connector type
  • Start and stop charging from the mobile app
  • Real-time updates of charging session
  • Personalized notifications
  • Full transaction history with invoices
  • Free app download on app stores

Steps to get started

Download chargEV app on the app stores

Register your profile and configure your payment method

Locate and navigate to nearby chargers

Connect your EV and Start Charging

Once done, tap Stop Charging and resume your journey!

Download chargEV app now